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Process for DNA testing

Analysing DNA to enhance livestock decision making and profitability in the New Zealand Sheep and Beef space… how exciting!

Thank-you for choosing to test with Zoetis. We aim to provide an efficient and effective service as we understand the importance of receiving results in a timely manner. Our typical turnaround time, including parentage analysis, is 5 weeks from receipt of samples and a complete order form. Please note that if you don’t provide all information required for testing you are likely to experience delays with your results as we require certain information to be able to complete testing. If you have any queries of what is required, please contact your Area Manager or our Customer services team. 

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  • Our guides provide step-by-step instructions on how to get the best hair root, blood and semen samples.

    • Zoetis TSU Collection Guide PDF
    • Zoetis Hair Sample Collection Guide PDF
    • Allflex TSU Collection Guide PDF
    • Allflex Tissue Sample Units (TSU) DNA Sample Collection VIDEO
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