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The Zoetis Genomic Suite

The Advanced, Complimentary Suite of DNA Technology for Producing Better Sheep

Sheep5K® uses 5,000 DNA markers to generate molecular breeding values for up to 22 economically important traits. Independently, it is an excellent tool for gaining extra accurate information on young selection candidates. Combined with SIL information, Sheep5K® enables unprecedented selection opportunities. Click here to learn more about Sheep5K®.


Sheep50K® is the ultimate commercial genomic selection tool for sheep breeders. Sheep50K® uses 50,000 DNA markers to generate molecular breeding values for up to 22 economically important traits. Use of Sheep50K® in your flock ensures the value of genomics is retained. Click here to learn more about Sheep50K®.


Shepherd Plus®, delivered using the same advanced DNA markers as Sheep50K® and Sheep5K®, enables the most accurate DNA parentage solution to date. Shepherd Plus® is bundled with informative gene tests for MyoMAX®, LoinMAX® and Inverdale®, with more to come. Click here to learn more about Shepherd Plus®.


Geneplan is a Sheep Improvement Ltd bureau offered through Zoetis. Geneplan is a One-Stop Shop provider of flock data management, DNA test result management, and data analysis services. Geneplan underpins the Zoetis Genomic Suite ensuring your data is utilised efficiently and effectively. Click here to learn more about Geneplan.


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    Over the last 25 years sheep producers have continually improved and have lifted production by 40% through improved lambing % and heavier carcass weights.

    At least half of this improvement has been due to improved genetics. DNA technology will be part of the solution that enables further production gains over the next 25 years.

    Pete Fennessy, AbacusBio; Aginnovation, Fielding, 2013.

    Accurate Pedigree Industry trials have proven that traditional manual recording methods can be unreliable at producing accurate and consistent pedigree assignment. DNA verification to sire for new ram candidates with Sheep5K®, or whole flock DNA parentage solutions create accurate pedigree records and therefore more accurate selection and improved genetic gain.
    Reliability Selecting
    Elite Young Stock
    DNA technology enables precision decision making. Whether it be through accurate pedigree assignment (as opposed to manual recording) or using genomic DNA testing, DNA technology adds accuracy to a progressive breeding program.
    Holding Stock Long
    Enough for Them to
    Express Their Potential
    The modern farming operation cannot afford to hold stock longer than is reasonably required. Genomics identifies elite genetics early, potentially at the lamb stage, enabling early culling of those with poor genetics that are simply not capable of entering a breeding program.