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Shepherd PLUS & Shepherd ULTRA

Shepherd PLUS is Zoetis’ standard parentage reporting solution, allowing you to more accurately and efficiently manage your flock.

Shepherd ULTRA is Zoetis's enhanced parentage reporting solution, designed for breeders or commercial farmers who are looking for sire only parentage, have less available management information (such as known sire and dam lists) or for those wanting gene tests on all animals tested.

Management benefits:

  • Multi-sire mating, so more ewes pregnant to stud rams in first cycle
  • Pasture conservation, due to fewer mating mobs
  • Labour savings, because not tagging at birth

Genetic gain benefits:

  • Increased selection intensity from increased survival
  • Increased accuracy of breeding values through more accurate pedigree

If you operate under commercial conditions, further benefits include:

  • Less interference = more lambs weaned
  • Easy-care lambing and natural survival
  • Traditional country can be intensively used, by scaling up breeding operations onto hills

Talk to your Zoetis representative about what option (ShepherdPLUS or ShepherdULTRA ) is better suited to your own unique operation.


Fundamental to successful results is the ability for Zoetis to know exactly which animals are used annually within a breeding programme (either deliberately or unexpectedly) and for all these animals to be DNA sampled. The process involves sampling rams twice – as they go out with the ewes and again as they come in – the ewes once at scanning, and the lambs once at tailing. Management records are also important, such as mating and docking groups. Parentage and SIL BV analysis are completed in time for the most effective decision making.

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