Genetics New Zealand

Shepherd® COMPLETE is exactly that – a complete package of genetic testing services, designed to maximise your return on investment in genomic technology and help you reach your breeding goals faster.

  1. Exceptional support

    • Your Zoetis representative works with you to establish:
      1. Where your breeding program is at now
      2. Where you want it to go, and
      3. What needs to happen to get from (a) to (b).
    • The rep then customises a genetic testing strategy that aligns with your breeding objectives. They remain involved throughout the process, helping you interpret and implement results for maximum benefit.
    • You also have your own Zoetis Analyst in Charge (AIC), who is your first point of call in the Dunedin office
  2. Testing Services
    • Shepherd® PLUS or Shepherd ULTRA – Parentage service for lambs to accurately identify parents.
    • Sheep5K® – used on a selection of ram lambs to identify superior rams for the future breeding season.
    • Sheep50K® – used on sires that will have a significant impact on future generations, ensuring a strong linkage to the genomic reference population and accuracy of current and future evaluation results.
    (Find out more about the test products by clicking on the brand names.)
  3. Results and Analysis
    • SearchPoint® - Results are made available through traditional channels and Zoetis’s on-line reporting tool SearchPoint®. This intuitive, powerful and insightful tool lets you analyse and organise your data in ways that have not been possible to date.
  4. Marketing Support
    • The team at Zoetis are passionate about ensuring your customers understand the investment YOU are making into THEIR flock. Your Zoetis rep will work with you to help you communicate with commercial farmers – explaining how your investment in Shepherd COMPLETE delivers benefits to them, as ram buyers.

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