Genetics New Zealand

Shepherd Plus

Accurate pedigree recording with dna-marker technology

Manually recording pedigree at lambing or calving is not free from error. Recent industry demonstration has shown that the average pedigree error over a two year period was 9% (Ovita 5K beta trials). This resonates with many other cases that Zoetis has witnessed and rectified using DNA technology over the past 10 years since launching its foundation whole flock DNA parentage solution. Shepherd Plus allows for multi-sire mating programs, eliminates error prone manual recording and avoids data errors from unplanned matings. Establishing a lambs sire and dam using Shepherd Plus requires less work, less interruption and increases pedigree accuracy. Shepherd Plus incorporates SNP technology and informative markers for MyoMAX®, Inverdale® and LoinMAX®. SNP technology enables a step change in the power of assignment and allows much less reliance on management data.