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Sheep5K® is Zoetis’ leading genomic tool. It helps you make smarter decisions to accelerate genetic gain. How? By identifying better animals earlier and reducing costly selection and breeding mistakes.


Sheep5K® can be used in a variety of ways. For example:

  • Sheep5K® test a selection of ram hoggets before hogget mating to ensure that the best genetics are actually being used.
  • Screen a selection of two-tooth rams with Sheep5K® before using Ramguard, to ensure the most FE tolerant rams are being used.
  • Sheep5K® test two-tooth rams before sale to ensure that your best genetics are not being sold. Or, if they are being sold, that the sale price reflects the investment made and the true value of the ram.
  • Use Sheep5K® when screening in ewes or rams from connected but unrecorded multiplier or commercial flocks.

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