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Sheep Genetic Conditions

Genetic conditions in sheep present challenges for producers as they make management and breeding decisions. Suspect animals, or those known to be carriers of recessive genes, can be tested with DNA diagnostic tools.

Zoetis Genetics is proud to offer genetic conditions testing solutions for sheep producers. Our products help test for specific genetic conditions and the results can be used to:

  • Confirm carriers or syndrome-free animals
  • Advance breeding decisions and eliminate the expression of the recessive gene
  • Facilitate marketing decisions

Please click on the sections below to learn more about our specific genetic conditions test available.


  • i-SCAN® is a DNA-marker test that identifies animals carrying the deleterious microphthalmia gene which can cause blindness in lambs. It is important to address this issue to eliminate the recessive allele. 

    For additional information, please click on one of the documents below:

    iSCAN Information Sheet
    iSCAN Technical Summary