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Sheep single marker gene tests present opportunities and challenges for producers as the make management and breeding decisions. Suspect animals, or those known to be carriers of recessive genes, can be tested with DNA diagnostic tools.

Zoetis Genetics is proud to offer single marker gene test solutions for sheep produces. Our products help test for specific genetic conditions and the results can be used to:

  • Confirm carriers or syndrome-free animals
  • Advance breeding decisions and eliminate the expression of the recessive gene
  • Facilitate marketing decisions


  • MyoMax:This gene increases a lamb’s carcass weight and muscle yield. A single copy results in 5% more muscling and a double copy, up to 10%.
  • LambMax:Increases the number of lambs born per ewe. A single copy lifts lambing percentage by about 25% and a double copy by about 50%.
  • LoinMax:A ects loin muscling, providing around 10% greater muscle mass. A double copy ram will pass the gene to all progeny.
  • I-Scan:Microphthalmia is carried by Texel sheep and causes blindness (small or absent eyes) in an ected animals.
  • Inverdale:Prolificacy gene linked to the female chromosome. Lifts lambing percentage significantly, but double-copy ewes are infertile. Careful management is required.
  • Booroola:Prolificacy gene originating in the Booroola Merino. Lifts lambing percentage significantly.
  • Yellow Fat (BC02):Yellow fat appears at a low level and is found predominantly in the Perendale breed.

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