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HD 50K for Angus

Unlocking Genetic Potential

Angus producers need dependable information to make effective breeding decisions, especially in young stock. HD 50K is a genomic technology which delivers just that. Now with 22 MVPs (Molecular Value Prediction) for important performance traits, HD 50K provides accurate information on the future performance of young, unproven Angus cattle.

Recalibrated February 2015 with additional predictions for:

  • Days to Calving
  • 600 day weight
  • Gestation Length
  • Retail Beef Yield
  • Rump Fat
  • Net Feed Intake (post weaning)
  • HD 50K for Angus is a commercially available high density DNA test. HD 50K is the first and enduring gold standard for genomic prediction designed for superior and influential sires and dams in the Angus breed. Use HD 50K strategically within your herd, in a way that ensures the future effectiveness of other genomic products such as i50K.

    i50K for Angus is an evolution of HD 50K for Angus. Delivering the same information in a more cost-effective package, i50K evaluates genetic potential across 22 economically important traits. Breeding Values enhanced by i50K assist with the same variety of selection, mating and marketing decisions as HD 50K for Angus.

    For more information about HD 50K vs. i50K testing, please contact Zoetis Genetics 0800 228 278.