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Identifying heifers with different levels of genetic potential helps you to make sound management decisions early in a heifer's life. This leads to more accurate genetic selection within a herd, increased genetic progress and future profitability. Zoetis' CLARIFIDE™ program for dairy combines the technology of a DNA-marker panel and the consulting services of Canadian CLARIFIDE Accredited Veterinarians across the country.

Genomic technology is revolutionizing the way decisions are made on the dairy farm for both the purebred and commercial operations. Even for the large commercial dairy, genomic results can be applied to make more profitable management decisions earlier on in those animals' lives.

CLARIFIDE utilizes DNA-marker technology for optimizing selection and management of dairy replacement females in the Holstein, Jersey and Brown Swiss breeds. Genotypes are analyzed by the Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) and genomic evaluations are returned to the Dairy Producer and the CLARIFIDE Accredited Veterinarian in a CLARIFIDE report.

CLARIFIDE Sample Submission Dates