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HD 50K for Black & Red Angus

Genomic-Enhanced EPDs, Powered by HD 50K

Canadian Angus breeders and their customers now have access to genomic-enhanced expected progeny differences (GE-EPDs) powered by High-Density 50K (HD 50K).

GE-EPDs combine pedigree and performance data from the Canadian Angus Association (CAA) with genomic predictions from the industry's first and only high-density panel.

Nothing delivers greater dependability to help predict the genetic merit of young, unproven Canadian Black and Red Angus cattle. HD 50K for Canadian Angus enhances the scope of selection for difficult, time-consuming and hard-to-measure traits.

GE-EPD Powered by HD 50K Overview

Visit the GenomeXchange website to advertise your HD 50K tested animals and find out who has invested in DNA testing.

  • To order a kit, contact the Canadian Angus Association at 1-888-571-3580 or Hair, ear punch (Allflex sampling units) or semen samples can be used for HD 50K testing. The Zoetis HD 50K Black Angus test kits should be requested for Black Angus animals, and the Zoetis HD 50K Red Angus test kits should be requested for Canadian Red Angus or Red gene carrier animals.

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