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Arthrogryposis Multiplex

Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM) is a lethal condition caused by a DNA deletion event within the genome of Angus and Angus-influenced cattle and exhibits a recessive inheritance pattern. Affected calves are known to be still-born with a twisted spine, and extended and contracted limbs.

To address this issue, a genetic test has been developed by Dr. Jon Beever at the University of Illinois and is available commercially through Zoetis Genetics. For more information about AM and the importance of testing suspect animals, please review our brochure below.

Arthrogryposis Multiplex Overview

  • Zoetis Genetics has produced a commercial version of the test originally developed by Dr. Beever. Zoetis will provide test results to the Angus Association at the request of the breeder providing the DNA sample.

    Samples may be submitted in one of the following forms:

    • Hair follicles: When submitting hair samples, please make sure at least 25 follicles (bulb intact) are included to ensure an adequate volume of DNA to complete the test.
    • Blood collector cards
    • Semen samples