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DNA Testing & Sample Submission

Turning a hair sample or a few drops of blood into a decision-making tool is the exciting result of genomic testing. Our testing procedure is a succinct process that helps you gather results in a timely manner, and more effectively manage livestock for maximized decision-making and profitability.

Accuracy of results and the length of time it takes for your results to arrive depend on the quality of the sample submitted. Please make sure to check the order form for your entire DNA-testing needs.

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    For HD 50K for Black & Red Angus Test Requests

    • Call the Canadian Angus Association at 1-888-571-3580 to order the Zoetis HD 50K Test Kit or visit their website at for additional information.

    For GeneMax Focus and GeneMax Advantage Test Requests

    • Call Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI) at 1-816-383-5100 or visit their website at for additional information.

    For SireTrace and Genetic Conditions Test Requests, please use the following Beef Order Form.


    All beef test requests for SireTrace and Genetic Conditions should be submitted to the U.S. with the Beef Order Form. Charges will be in U.S. dollars and the order form must include credit card information. Samples will need to include the appropriate customs documentation for efficient delivery. 

    Please contact our Canadian Customer Service Team at 1-800-506-6683 or to obtain the required customs documentation.

    Please email all documents including the completed Beef Order Form to for pre-clearance (before shipping).

    All Beef Samples Submissions should be shipped Fed-Ex International Priority to:

    Zoetis-Animal Genetics
    333 Portage Street, BLDG 300
    T: 269-359-4430 Attn: Karen Grimes


  • Taking a high-quality sample is the first step to receiving accurate genomic results. A variety of samples, including hair, blood, nasal and semen samples, are accepted for genomic testing. Learn more about taking the best sample by reading the below instruction guides or watching the videos on proper sample collection. 

    Hair Sample Collection PDF Video
    Directives de prélèvements – Poils           PDF  
    Blood Card Collection PDF Video
    Directives de prélèvements – Sang           PDF  
    Tissue Sample Collection PDF Video
    Directives de prélèvements – Tissu          PDF